4 panel Matrix power question


I am currently busy with building a large matrix bord of 4 panels with each 480 LEDS (total 1920LEDS). Every panel will have his own power supply contected to it. The matrix is controlled with an ESP32 using 4 pins (one pin for every panel).

I have 4 power supplys of each 10 AMP and want to do the wiring as follow. I was wondering if it is neceassry to connect the grounds with each other?

Thanks in advance for your help,


All grounds must be common (connected together).

not only does GND need to be common, but you need one ground per data wire if the wires are longer than like 30cm. And dont forget to add a levelshifter.

you can get a full Panell overall as you use the MAPPING function in WLED
so you got the full row width
this also is in action if you sent Data over the Protocols
just map the intirer matrix to the preset ZERO