Lumary Wled mod

Looks like Lumary spots can be controlled via wled using SK6812 RGBW. I’d like to add additional lights if possible. The power supply that comes with the lights is a little 12 V at 1 A / 12 W supply. If I went with a larger one I think adding additional lights should be no issues. Thoughts?

Additional info on wled and Lumary(set #3) -

As far as the lights are concerned, they’ll take whatever power they think they need from your supply as long as the voltage is correct (12V in this case). You may have an issue with voltage drop depending on how many lights you try and add on the string, but data should be fine.

Thanks. Once I get the first 6 working with wled I’ll get a second set of 6 to run off a second data port.

If you like, you can chain the 2nd set of 6 to the 1st and just increase the strip size to 12 in WLED.
You can chain data to great lengths (400 LEDs in a strip is not that big). Or if you prefer you can use a 2nd GPIO and run a new data line.

As I mentioned earlier, you just need to make sure you have adequate power as the chain gets longer (and/or do power injection from the far end or middle).

I found this looking into Lumary and Wled -

If the exact number of lights in the string (6) is entered for the number of pixels, the lights will flicker horribly, especially on the white channel. The stock controller sends 100 lights of data. I recommend configuring WLED for 100 pixels even though there’s only six lights on the string.

Most lights will have 5’-6’ spacing except where I need to jump across the front porch and that’s maybe 8ish feet.

Hi @Notavailable Inexpensive is relative
if you get you a 5USD 50LED WS2811 IP67 Watertoght stripe
you can do the same
or a standard one and a 3d printed LED case of your choice like rabbit ,Turtle,Cat …

Ended up sending the lights back because warm white was way to warm and no way to really adjust it and their claim of cool white is just fake rgb white. For what they are and the small size they are still decent but I need something that has adjustable white and rgb in a spotlight that will work with wled. Lumary Pro is an option but @ $240 for 6 is a bit crazy in my opinion.

If anyone knows of any rgbw spotlights that work with wled I’m open for suggestions.

YPS sells spots that are either RGBw or RGBww. Not cheap though:

I came across those when I started looking for landscape lights to control via wled but couldn’t remember where I saw them. Thanks for the link!

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