Macro to power toggle and load a preset

I have a preset with the T=2 API command set to toggle the power. I’m using a button with a long press assigned to this preset. I have the short button press set to cycle through some of my presets for different lighting effects.

Ideally, I’d like the long button press to load a specific preset when the power turns on. I have tried T=2&PL=1, but that doesn’t work. Nothing happens when I press the button. I have also tried PL=1&T=2 which also doesn’t work.

Anyone know if it’s possible to apply a specific preset in combination with the power toggle command?

The issue is I can’t really find any documentation on API string commands just one off stuff here and there.

Anyway I’m trying to do the exact same thing.

I’ve tried

T=2&P=1 where 1 is my max white preset. This doesn’t work since obviously I’m stabbing in the dark with P for preset.

So someone please help us some help here but better yet a link to full documentation of the API string commands.

I’m wondering if this can only be done with JSON?

setting the state fully works but i’d like to know how to use a preset here.


I came up with a better solution for this using short and long press and a couple single color presets.