Multiple Strips

i have to use 11 GPIOs for my Stairs. But i can only manage 10. I have compiled by myself and set in the contrib.h the maximum of LedPins to 12. But the Webinterface allows only 10 LedPins. When i configure 11 and press save it delete the last LedPin.

What can i do now? Is ther any way to fix this?

Its just 14 leds on each gpio on my setup.

Thanks for help and best greets.

Really you shouldn’t do this. :slight_smile:
Use a single GPIO and then use segments to divide your stairs.

Its not easy to do, because the wires are installed in star topology. Every stair becomes his own wire from esp32 and i cant connect one wire on output from end of stripe.

I need to run it on 11 ledpins.

You will not. Sorry.
10 is max.

Is there any adressdummy pcb on market wich simulate 14 Adresses and let me start with second strip at adress 15?

Is there really no way for you to rewire 2 strips into 1? I am positive it will be easier to turn 11 inputs into 10 than it would be to add an output…

What about the possibility of physically reversing one or more strips.
That would put the input of one strip much nearer the output of the previous strip (one step above).
It would also work for the following strip so by reversing one strip (for eg. the 2nd to last) you reduce your used pins from 3 to 1.
By my count that would take you from 11 needed to 9.

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I dont wanna see Cables on my Woodstairs.

Isit possible to cascade ( spi or i2c) 2 or more esp32 mc with wled?

it is always possible to hide them (especially since you only need to run 1 cable for data)

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Drill holes at each end of the strip behind the strip’s end so it’s not visible. Run interconnecting wires from end of each step’s LED strip to next step’s LED strip data in pad.

If the steps are not accessible, you can use strong magnet and string to create pull cords to pull wires from end to end.

Or, use a metal clothes hanger straightened out (mostly) bent to the right shape and fed in one end and down to the other where someone you like very much uses something like a dental pick to grab it and attach the data wire so you can pull it through. This approach is frustrating because you are making as small a hole as possible, and 2 people on the same step pretty much yelling out of frustration, it’s not something you and your significant other (girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband) should attempt unless you are trying to get rid of them :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :zipper_mouth_face: