1400 leds

hi has anyone tried powering 1400leds on a esp32 board? how did you do it struggling to get mine to work have two 60a power supply’s to use

There are two different issues.

Data -
You could possibly run 1400 LEDs on 1 GPIO, but performance of effects will likely suffer.
Better to split your data line onto 2 or 3 GPIOS.
You may need to look at Long Data Line techniques depending on your layout.

Power -
Depending on the finished size of your layout, you’ll likely need multiple injection points.

What does your envisioned setup look like?

thanks for getting back to me what are the GPIOS? not actually sure what they are? what i’m looking on doing is running the leds all around the top of a room

soo there is a 24m strip as the walls go 5m then7m then5m then 7

A GPIO is the data pin on an ESP.

so how do i go about adding more to the led strip thanks

What is your question?

how do i add more gpios to the leds strip

Still lost. Are you talking about connecting the LEDs together?

no i was told to add more gpios to the leds so is that just the case of having more than 1 esp32 board?

ESP32 boards typically have 5-16 GPIOs available for use as outputs.
You just pick 1 or more and configure them in WLED.

What ESP32 board are you using?

so how do i configuer them with wled? and then how do you connect to the led? and this is tho board i have thanks

so at the moment i have the d2 pin going to the data tab on the led strip

If you want to connect to a 2nd GPIO, run a wire from say D5 to the Data in point on one of your other strips.
All the power connections stay the same, you just have a new data line to that strip (the old Din connection from Dout of the previous strip is disconnected).

In WLED, go to Config->LED Preferences->Hardware Setup and click on the “+” icon to add a new strip.
Enter the GPIO # you want to use (5 in this case) and enter the number of LEDs in the strip attached to GPIO #5.
Change the total # of LEDs in your original strip on GPIO #2 down to what the shortened strip has.
Your total # of LEDs will be the same as original (GPIO2 + GPIO5) and you can refer to the whole strip as one long piece in your effects and presets.

thanks so am i right in saying that you just cut the data line on the strip say at 5m thenconect the new d5 pin out and keep thee ground and possative connected

thanks for your help just managed to get them all going with a second data line run at about 13m in and power injections every 7m works fine