ESP32 with 2 x 1500 ws2815

Hi all, so I’m doing a Xmas display and have 10 x 5m ws2815 12v waterproof led strips. I have all the power supplies and have bench tested with 5 together and they work fine (1500 LEDs) what I now want to do is run another string of 1500 LEDs on the same data line so they both are exactly the same. Has anyone done this or tried this with an ESP32 and what was the outcome I know there is a maximum number of LEDs the esp can drive but was just thinking if I put them in parallel then it would be just like having 1500 or is this not the case. Thanks for any and all help and responses

Each LED has a buffer so your data line is currently driving one LED, and would be driving 2.

The data line is currently controlling 1500 LEDs and I was to put a second string in parallel next to it so would be 3000 LEDs not 2

Putting 2 strands in parallel is just like driving one, the ESP has no idea you did this.
My point is that the ESP’s output is now driving 2 LEDs directly instead of one, in most cases you’ll be fine, but in some you could need a level shifter.

Ok thanks for the help