What do you recommend?

I have 3 esp 32 and 3 stripes ,5 m LED I have to install them outside the house.
What do I do? Do I use a single ESP32 to drive the 3 strips, or 3 ESP32s that each drive its own strip but can the effects be synchronized?
the power supply is 20 A

Are these 5V LEDs?
How far apart are the 3 strips?
Really you’re looking at how many LEDs in total you want to drive.
Checkout the KB: Multi Strips for info on recommended sizes. Those suggestions are for effects performance. Static displays are not an issue up many 1000’s of LEDs (memory becomes the limiting factor).

As far as your setup, with a 20A 5V(?) power supply, I’m guessing less than 500 LEDs total, you can:

  1. hook them all together (daisy chain) on one GPIO - simplest setup, requires a data line between strips.
  2. run seperate data lines for 3 GPIOs - may have to worry about the lengths of the data lines to strips.
  3. go with 3 individual ESPs - probably toughest to get right, syncing across your WiFi network.

5 V ,3 strips 150 led x 3 450 total.

they will be close by max 1 m

At counts < 500, and < 1m distances you should be fine with one long strip on 1 GPIO.

You’ll probably deal with potential power issues before fps (performance) issues.
In general try and keep your power supply near the centre of your strips so that power line lengths (and therefore voltage drops) are as short as possible.

Ok I will do it

Send out a broadcast command to all ESP32 boards to do the same thing or use the Synce with
Use the Sync within WLED