Power Supply requirement

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I would like some advice please, I want to setup some LED’s on my Peogola outside.
I have thought about using an ESP32 along with WS2812B IP67 LED’s.
I will need about 25mtrs to cover the area.
My questions are:
What power supply (5v) do I use, will it be one for every 5 mtr length of LED’s.
Is it best to connect all the LED’s in series as I want to control them all the same with WLED.
Any advice on how best to do this would be great please.

Ok 2 separate issues to cover:

  1. Total maximum required power.
    You want to use 25m of lights so you need to know how many lights that will be in total.
    You choose a strip “density” of 30, 60, 72, 96, or 144 LEDs/m. Multiply by 25m and you get the total # of LEDs. If they’re RGB addressable, you’ll need on the order of 0.3W/LED maximum so you can get the total Watts of maximum power needed. That will tell you what size power supply you need.

  2. Distribution of power (power injection)
    You need to work out how far the strip will carry current by itself before an injection point is needed to bring the supplied voltage back up to acceptable levels. This will depend on the voltage of the LEDs and the power calculations you did in (1). As a rule of thumb, 5V “reasonable density” (60 LEDs/m) can usually go something like 5m before needing an injection point.

You can try and use a single supply, but locate it centrally and use heavier injection wires to the appropriate spots on the strip. Conversely, you can use multiple smaller supplies that are nearer the injection points and can use smaller, shorter wires.

Usually a good idea at this point to draw it out and start filling in the numbers you know, then you can calculate what you don’t.

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I found the following links to be helpful in calculating power needs


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