Leds wont work past 700

hi was wondering if anyone could help just installed my leds with a 60a power supply and a esp32 board with two power injections im running around 1400 leds on a 25m strip but can only seem to get the first 700 to work soon as i try more they all turn blank thanks

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Likely a configuration issue in the way you’ve told WLEd you physically connected your devices.

How many GPIO’s are you using, what kind of LEDs, etc,etc.

It would be helpful if you could post at least a simple wiring diagram.

Most of the time it’s a current related problem, try power injection every 5 meters

i have power injection every 10m



what is a GPIO i have two it’s saying but unsure what they are thanks

GPIOs are General Purpose Input or Output pins built into your MCU, you definitely have more than 2.
What WLED is showing you is that you are using GPIO#2, you can change that number to any one of those available on your board. You can get an idea of what is possible from: ESP32-pinouts or ESP8266-pinouts depending on what type of board you have.

Since you’re getting some lights and control (you can change colours right?) you’re hooked up to the right pin.

  1. You’ve told WLED you only have 700 LEDs - the Length entry is set at 700, you should up that to 1400.
  2. You’re going to run out of memory on that MCU board even if you get close to 1400, I’ll bet it’s an ESP8266 variant. They don’t have enough memory to run major strings like yours. WLED shows 2100/4000 bytes used at 700 LEDs (3 bytes/ LED). Ideally you want to be down at 80% of max or 3200 bytes or 1066 LEDs.

You’ll have to move up to an ESP32 based board to get more memory…

thanks if i up the leds to 1400 they just all go blank is there any links on bigger esp boards? and you think the power supply is big enough for that meany leds?

You need to increase the limiter.

Also in the future please only pick one place to ask a question, however I did answer you here: New to WLED, have a number of questions : ) - #9 by jamie1745221

sorry new to how this all works didn’t realise and i have the limiter set to 8000

Try setting the LED count to say 750. If they still work set the limiter to like 20000 and see if you can get all/more of them to light. You may also need more injection points. Also make sure you are not trying to test with full brightness/white. If setting it dimmer and not on white gets more working then for sure you need the limiter set higher as well as more injection points. (also be sure you have the correct total of LEDs in the segment settings)

You can also just set the brightness down to 20% to decrease the load on your power supply to 1/5 of normal.

Look for a check box "Custom bus start indices: ", check that and you can drive 700 LEDs starting at say 600 to light the 1st and 2nd string from 600-1299. That will prove your data connections are OK across the 700 LED junction.

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so i managed to get a esp32 board and still the same thing is happening i tried missing the first 100 leds and it does go past so it’s not a fault in the strip past 700leds as i can get the other half to work. wondering if it is just a power issue now i have the two esp boards now is it worth getting another power supply and sync them together keeping them on two separated runs

Try running at 10% brightness and see if you are stuck at 700.
That reduces your power draw to 1/10 of full.

Also use a multimeter and see if you have 5v throughout your strip even when they all go out. If you don’t have one. Harborfreight has cheap ones for like $5. You may have a bad power supply. I bought a 12v one from BTF and it was DOA out of the box. I try to stick with mean well now but they can be a good bit more pricy. I hear Hp server power supplies are good as well.

Do you have any segments set up? Could you maybe have 700 listed in a segment and no more?

tried lots of different things got a new power supply and tried cutting the positive at 700leds and connecting the new power supply positive still no luck they seem to be really dim even with only say 300 leds on? every now and again they will flash up really bright? didn’t know what other options there could be?