Missing white color

Flashed a ESP32 Wroom board with WLED. Connected to WS2815 strip with 300 pixels. Hugh 12V power supply & no level shifting from ESP to light strip.
Red, Green and Blue look correct. Choosing White make pixles go dim. It looks like the controller is subtracting for white LEDS that do not exist. This is not a color correction problem. Instead of all three LEDS 100%l bright they are barely lit.

Did you power inject at the far end?

Do you by any chance have Current Limiting enabled?

I did not power far end, all patterns look good for full length except LEDS driven white appear dark.
I will try anyway. Thanks.

Yes but limit is set to 6000mA (6A) well above the 3A this string should pull.
I’ll try with limiting OFF.

I had a wiring error. Sad and embarrassing for a thirty year electrician.
Thanks for the help