NodeMCU crashing when accepting UDP packets from LEDFX


A friend has a set of ws2812b, connected to a NodeMCU, 466 LEDs on a strip, powered by a switching PSU, cabled correctly. WLED 12 is installed, as all has been running fine since at least WLED9 (i think - years anyway).

He has previously run LEDFX on a windows PC and send packets via UDP to the NodeMCU and everything worked fine.

New PC - he asked me to set it up again - this time round the NodeMCU crashes as soon as UDP packets are received, you get a second of the effect then it crashes.

Is this just too much to send onto a NodeMCU these days? I’ve tried two new NodeMCUs and both have the same behaviour.

We had tried reducing the number of LEDs in WLED, with no avail - but now i think about it - we didn’t try reducing the number of LEDs in LEDFX. Just confused as to why it worked before and not now.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.