Notifications with WLED during playing

Hi, anybody with good ideas how to use WLED for notifications e.g. for incoming calls ? I would like WLED to be interrupted when playing, showing some lights, then continue. This should also work whem WLED is powered off.

My first attempt is to send a UDP packet with 2,10,FF0000FF0000… which will show all LEDs red for 10s. This is quite perfect but i would prefer another effect to be shown insted of just switching the LEDs on. And if i want to build an effect with UDP all things turn out to be very complicated. Or are there somewhere given effects (python,php …) which i can play with UDP from a RasPi ?


One option is to save the current state, run your effect in a timed playlist, then restore it. &PS=x to save and &PL=x to restore.

good idea, will give it a try