On/Off button

Good work on this great project
especially the latest add that give you more output pins
is it possible to add in Sync setup more than one On/Off button pin to control each output separately.

Not yet, but multi button support is planned :slight_smile:

Hi @Aircoookie just wanna say thanks for all the hardwork on WLED.
Got a question about the multi button idea. Say there are 4 buttons all up and 2 of them get pressed at the same time, would both presets/macros initiate at the same time. Just to add that both presets are running on different segments.

Hi, thank you :slight_smile:
The macro is triggered on button release, so both macros will be executed. If one macro interferes with the other (e. g. one sets on and the other off), the macro of the button released later will have precedence

Ok cool. Another question. Could there be an option added that the btn input triggers when it’s either high or low. Regardless of short/long press. As this will cover toggle switches as such.
I did see @tonyno did something similar. It would be good to have it as an option along side the other 3.


This option has been added recently and will be available in v0.12.1 :slight_smile:

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Sounds perfect. May I ask a release date. Or is that pushing it lol.