Organize effects in UI by supported # colors

After working with WLED a lot over the weekend with 450 LEDs and 7 segments, we realized color selection is often ignored.

Made me think that it sure would be nice if the effects list UI had 2-tier selection:
1-Color Effects
2-Color Effects
3-Color Effects
Predefined Color Effects

In the predefined, any effect that ignores color selections goes there.
In 1-Color effects, any effect that ignores colors 2 & 3 goes there.
In 2-Color effects, any effect that ignores color 3 goes there.
3-Color effects is the small subset of effects using all 3 colors.

Perhaps it could be checkboxes, Effects filter: # of colors [ ] 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ] N/A and if none are checked, the entire list of effects appear.

A greasemonkey (tampermonkey) script could do it in a web browser.


I agree that it would be nice to show # of colors used in the effects. Right now, it is just a trial-and-error process.
I like both of your ideas.

I agree totally also. Hopefully that will be something in future updates. I would also like to see a section on where you could build your own simple light effect and save it

Just so they’re linked, here’s my related suggestion about showing the colours in the UI.

People are working on this…

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Thats great news. I had the same feelings as OP.