Color palette and effects not working properly

Hi all,

I just installed WLED for the first time on a ESP8266 board. At first it seemed to work. The LED’s light up and after setting the right number of LEDs they all work. Selecting a solid color also works good, I get the same color as I select so the RGB setting seems to be right.

However, when I want to select a palette, nothing happens. It just stays solid.
Then the effects, this kind of works, but I have a strong feeling the colors are not right. When I select Fire 2012 or Fire Flicker I get purple/blue/green colors while I would expect it to be somehow orange/red. Selecting the Rainbow effect gives me the same set of colors.

What could be wrong here? Could it be the power supply? Because I am using USB from my Mac for now. The LED strip is a WS2812b I think, but I can’t be sure because I can’t see that anywhere.

I think I was experiencing same recently. Selecting different palettes seemed to have no effect, or perhaps only affecting the primary colour of the set? And cycling through the effects didnt seem to be changing colours like I remember from previous versions. Perhaps a bug?
Commenting to follow thread.

Edit: now that I’m in front of the device, the palettes do seem to be affected by the colour selections above.
IIRC it used to be the behaviour when you’d select palette “based on set” of your chosen colours, and selecting “default” would give you the default colour of each individual effect. Perhaps it’s intended behaviour will need to search the release notes etc.

Yep, sounds exactly the same. I tried another power supply but without any luck.

To give a specific example, if i select the “cloud” palette with “chase” effect, if my user selections above are set to red, the red still appears in the effect, alongside the cloud colours. Only by setting the user palette to be all black does it show what I expect of the palette selection, which is all blue/white.
Does anyone know if this is intended behaviour?

Ok I’ve tested a few different devices, an old 0.9 firmware and the latest beta 0.14 and all behave the similarly so I must be mis-remembering that it used to behave differently. It appears certain effects stick rigidly to the selected palette, while others like “chase”, seem to mix the selected palette with the user defined palette.
This doesn’t seem very intuitive, but I’m guessing it’s intended behaviour?

@Worlock see this thread for further info.

“The effect is the animation. The palette is the set of colors that may be used by the effect. With the caveat that effects may use colors differently. Most use palettes; some use the primary, secondary, tertiary colors you select; some use a combination; and a few ignore all of that and have hard coded colors.”

Default palette is just that - a palette that is built into effect or none if there isn’t any. In this case it may only use primary color.

Secondly, not all effects use palettes.

Use 0.14.0-b2 (or higher) to have UI hide palettes when not in use.