WLED + SK6812 RGBWW and Lightkey (ArtNet) - Can't Find Right Combination of Settings

I’m trying to get WLED to work in a stage setting with my SK6812 Lights, and I was previously using the Preset setting, which was OK, but required creating presets that I wanted to use, and then

The biggest problem I had with the preset setting with my WLED controllers was that there was always flickering when adjusting the brightness, or switching to a different preset. It was OK, but not something I’d want to use in a show.

Then I found the Effect setting, which is great, seems a lot more responsive, and doesn’t use nearly as many channels as the the full pixel control of the strips, plus allows a lot of customizability.

The problem that I’m having is I cannot seem to find the combination of RGBW settings for both Lightkey’s Profile Fixture (attached, and a screenshot to show what seems to be the closest), and the WLED settings. I don’t want to brute force Red to work on the lights and Lightkey while WLED thinks I’m sending it Blue, because that means the Palettes won’t work at all.

My video shows the Lightkey preset using a different colour order for the DMX channels:
Channels 7-15 are in the order Blue Green Red

NOT Red Green Blue like the E1.31 manual states. When I configure it that way, WLED thinks I’m sending different colours. And adjusting the LED preferences (They were fine before) makes WLED even wronger.

Image of Lightkey Settings that are close, but not quite right (Different from the WLED manual)

Video showing some of the discrepancy - The above settings are being used in this video

In addition, here is the WLED information screen. I hadn’t realized until recently that this is actually an ESP8266 controller.

After checking the manual again, I see that there’s an Effect + White setting for WLED, although I don’t think this is available on my controller. It’s an ESP8266-based one, and I’m not sure I can do an OTA update.

This is definitely not an issue, though, it’s my fault!

There may be another underlying issue (or maybe not), I see from your info screen that the internal FS (Filesystem) is set to 1024K. That will definitely preclude doing OTA updates. You’ll have to do a manual (hardware) load. It may affect other aspects of your install at well, but it’s worthwhile to get up to the current builds. I’d make sure to save my configs and presets, then try a full wipe and reload.

Might even be worth it to invest in an ESP32 based controller board. Lots more capability than the 8266 stuff.

PS. While I remember, watch out for segment setups that have overlapping pixels. That can cause odd flickers with effects/preset changes. Might not apply to you, but worth a mention.

Thanks for the reply! I am likely not going to do an OTA update on this one, I think it’s an ESP8266.
I’m trying to use this on Dig2Go units, and actually I have the same problem on Effect mode with only RGB lights, the colours being sent - only in the effect mode - do not line up with the colours in WLED either.

Does anyone else use Effect mode, and have you seen this problem?