Can WLED control SK6812 RGB without a white LED?

I have built lamps with SK6812 RGB LEDs and WLED doesn’t support the Protocol without the “W” It’s 24 Lamps and I really don’t want to start changing the LEDs because it’s a pain in the A** the way I built it. The LEDs must fit into a liquor bottle, that’s why I chose them. Is there any workaround here?

Have you just tried to just use the WS281x protocol?
What happens when you do?

I did. same nonsense.

What’s the actual problem?
Might need color swapping.

You haven’t described the problem you’re actually seeing, “same nonsense” doesn’t tell anyone anything.

What have to tried, what did you expect, what did you see?

Do you have a link to the actual LEDs you bought so we can see the specs?

Tese LEDs are working with a cheap SP105 controller. I only have to select the right protocol. It’s got SK6812 RGB and SK6812 RGBW to chose. It’s working with RGB, but not with RGBW. And now, that I want to install it in a ESP32 WLED system I find that WLED has no RGB - only RGBW. The single RGB LEDs are displaying only nonsense blinky blinky like on the cheap controller when I select the wrong protocoll. There must be a workaround for this. They can’t interprete the data for the white LED because there is none.

What happens when you choose Ws281x as the protocol under WLED?

The SK6812 RGB timing is tyically the same as WS281x and the number of bits per ixel is the same (24).

Sorry but we’re entering a loop here. :smiley:

You seem to be caught up on the description for your LEDs that says SK6812 RGB.
The reality in the real world means they are actually WS281x LEDs.

There’s no difference in the SK6812 RGB protocol and the Ws281x protocol.
If your WLED setup causes flickering/odd colours/ etc. when set to WS281x, something else is causing the issue.

What ESP board are you using?
Do you have a levelshifter on your ESP board?

Common grounds?

Diagram of how you have your wiring connected?

@MichlBerlin listen to what @divsys and @Jinx say. They are knowledgeable and trustworthy, they helped tens if not hundreds of people already.

But if you want to hear it from the developer: the only difference between SK6812 and WS2812B is the inclusion of W channel in SK6812. Electrically (& logically) the protocol is the same.

I’m using a D1 Mini with a level shifter. Common grounds as well but reading your postings tell me I should grab another lamp for testing. Maybe I picked one with a bad wire. Today I didn’t have the time to check (It’s a project on my job) but I will do tomorrow and try WS2812 again on another lamp. I made 12 of them. I will let you know how it went.

Could be cold/bad solder connection. Could be you over heated the chip in the LED when soldering it.

OK. It took me hours to find out. The resistor I put on the data out of the board was wrong. And you were all right. It’s working with WS281x. The strips worked with the resistor and the single LEDs not. I changed from 33Ohm to 249 and it’s all working now. 2 of my 3 (cheap) multimeters were broken and fooled me too. Stupid coincidence on the search. :upside_down_face:
I thank you all for your advices and your time. It helped a lot.

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