SK6812 E1.31 channel mappings

Hi all! Having an issue when running sequences (or testing) from xLights. I opened an issue on Github before I saw the pinned post about opening new issue (facepalm). I’ll just post here as I entered into Github. Any help would be appreciated!!!

What happened?

Using SK6812 4-Channel RGBW strips. Total of 480 nodes traversing 4 universes (1920 channels). For any universe, sending data to channels 509 and 510 do not activate any LEDs. This ends up offsetting the channels for subsequent LEDs resulting in incorrect colors and placement.

To Reproduce Bug

WLED settings:

  • LED Preferences

  • LED Output 1

  • SK6812 RGBW
    Color Order GRB
    Length 480

  • Sync Interfaces

  • Type - E1.31 (sACN)

  • Start universe - 8

  • DMX start address - 1

  • DMX mode - Multi RGBW

Using xLights - Send test to channels 509 or 510 on any universe

Expected Behavior

When testing with xLights, each RGBW channel should produce the desired color.

Install Method

Binary from

What version of WLED?

WLED version 0.13.0-b4

Which microcontroller/board are you seeing the problem on?