Difference between effects and palettes

it seems a noob question but I don’t get the difference.
I readed this section but how are they related together?



Some effects use the three, fixed colors, and others use colors from the selected palette.

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The effect is the animation. The palette is the set of colors that may be used by the effect. With the caveat that effects may use colors differently. Most use palettes; some use the primary, secondary, tertiary colors you select; some use a combination; and a few ignore all of that and have hard coded colors.

If you look at the effects and palettes page you can tell which uses palettes (Party a rainbow) vs colors (orange and yellow)

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Thanks for the explanation.
I thought palettes is like a static set of colors which I can select.

They are sets of colors, but they are dependent on effects to actually display them. Probably the best effect to see all of the colors in a palette is, perhaps confusingly, named “Palette”.

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