Color is not correct in some of the effects

I have noticed that if I select some colors for a preset that in some of the effects there is a color I didn’t select. Mostly shows up at the point of the effect between two different colors. A little annoying in some of the effects. Like for example if you have a red, white, and blue effect you’ll have a purple pixel riding along as well. Just curious, I am new to this and that is the only thing I have noticed otherwise great so far.

There are effects that don’t use the three colors.

I realize that. I’m of course not referring to those effects but the ones that only use your 3 selections.

Which version and build date are you running?

The latest beta 2 that came out 5 days or so ago. It also does the same thing with the previous non-beta version.

State which effects you are seeing this with so it can be duplicated for testing.

I first noticed this on my house installation from the beginning.
I have a desk test string using the following:
string of 50 8211 12V DC pixels
ESP8266 with WLED 0.13.0-b2
3 colors in WLED set to R,G,B for testing purposes.
Found the issue in the following effects so far:
Fire Flicker
Washing Machine
Tri Wipe
Tri Fade
Strobe Mega
all Sparkle’s
Solid Pattern

I slide the effect speed to the lower setting for best view.
The anomaly shows up in set color settings as well in effects such as Candy Cane there are always pixels that refuse to be red but stay pinkish color.

Thanks for checking

Testing on Blaz’s latest beta and cross-referencing Effect info in wiki…

Dynamic, Flow, Glitter does not use selected colors.
Fire Flicker uses only color 1.
Oscillate, Tri Fade, Washing Machine uses all three and can blend them.
Tri Wipe is not showing any other colors besides the three set.
Sparkle, Sweep, and Strobe Mega use colors 1 and 2.
Sparkle Dark, Sparkle + use colors 1 and 2.
Solid Pattern seems broken. Speed/intensity doesn’t change anything
Candy Cane is only red and white.

I know that Candy Cane is only red and white but the issue shows up there as well as explained before. There is a pinkish color not red on one or more pixels that is constant on the same pixels. That is very similar to what is happening in the other effects with a different color other than pink of course.


That was what I confirmed by testing, so it’s not the code.

Today I did not experience the same issues so I’m thinking it is intermittent based on previously selected combinations selected, is that possible? Candy Cane didn’t have a problem today. Neither did other effects except for washing machine the different colored pixels other than the 3 selected did show. I set the 3 colors using the Mountain Dew hex codes and I got some yellow pixels in the effect.


Maybe noise? How is your wiring?

I have confirmed the effect washing machine is broke with the an odd color pixel in the 3rd color selected on multiple test setups. Not a noise problem. Can you confirm as well?


I just set the colors to three intensities of red and see no other colors.

The test I had on one setup was mountain dew colors this one is on my house using the Utah Jazz colors of green, blue and yellow. The center of the yellow color which is the 3rd color selected is wrong, see attached…

I have 5 ESP8266’s synced on my house with one set as the master with all the presets on it. They are all showing the same issue with washing machine. Thanks

It would be good to document in the wiki the effects that ignore the palette setting and instead use some combination of colors 1, 2, 3 or ignore them all together.

This wiki section states the info.

Some of them specify it. Particularly the older ones. But it is less common with the newer effects. Perhaps having a separate column for it would make it clearer to the users and less likely for it to be overlooked when adding new effects.