In some effects the 3rd color doesn't appear correctly

Hi, I’ve noticed this problem with some effects, when I use 3 colous:

the number of leds is not calculated properly, the first colour begin to appear again before the stripes ends. To correct this I need to change the number of leds into the preset JSON and also the number of leds into the LED preferences (since the JSON can’t contain a bigger number, it’s considered the smaller between them), then I can see the right effect, but it’s mismatching other effects.

Some effects works reversely then others, is it possibiel to include/add in JSON the chance to reverse that specific effect? Thank you

is it a known bug?

You didn’t say which effect and how to duplicate.

May you please have a try with this, thanks


it affects several effects, but if they use the same code chances are the correction will impact all of them

I think that is the last color blending into the first one. Each section has a transition.

this is probably the reason, and it has the right to be when the effect is moving, but not in this case. Anyway, I’m not asking to correct it since it reates other troubles, I’m asking if it’s possible to specify for this effect a number of pixel bigger than the number written on settings, so I can correct the problem on this effect only. Thank you