OTA update WLED ver 12

I have a Quinled digquad which was running release 10 or 11.
I downloaded release 12 to my phone and conducted an OTA update which was successfull.

I thereafter attempted the same update on a Quinled diguno which is running release 11 however every time I press the choose file button, I get a message appearing at the bottom of my phones screen stating “no apps can perform this action”.

Strangely though, I thereafter attempted the same again with the Digquad and it also does the same now.

Can anyone provide an explanation / remedy for this. Incidentally the esp32 on the diguno was not the board that was supplied from new.

Thank you in advance of any responses.

Sounds like you are using the app. Try a browser for updates.

I have used the WLED app on 2 different iPhone models across multiple iOS versions and security updates to load firmware OTA. I had to be in the same wifi (2.4GHz). Then I had to download the firmware using a browser. That’s the tricky part unless there is at least one installed app that has file storage of “anonymous” file types, or file types of any type, like .bin.

I used a couple different ones, including the Files app provided by iOS. However, others worked for me as well.

I was not able to insert a URL for the OTA update. I had to download it, then when prompted, navigate to that recently downloaded firmware, select it, and then accept it for updating WLED.