ESP 2866 bricked on OTA update while live hyperion data feed

Hi all, first post - be gentle :wink:
I’ve only been playing with Wled for a week or so and I’ve managed to brick an ESP8266 D1 mini (4MB) already.

I was trying an OTA update from 0.11.0 from 0.11.1 - I’m not really looking for a resolution just providing feedback. When you make someing idiot proof someone finds a better class of idiot :wave:

wled was recieving live data from hyperion when the OTA update was initiated. The file seemed to upload corectly and the device reported it was rebooting. After 5 mins of no response I tried power cycling the device. the result is it no longer conects to WiFi and is not detectable via USB.

I’m not sure if the live Hyperion feed had anything to do with the failure to update but realise it wasn’t the smartest of moves not to disable the feed prior to trying the update.

Very happy with wled - keep up the great work.

Hi and welcome!

WLED will ignore live streaming sources during an update - still it is highly encouraged to turn them off.

Did you manage to fix your device by re-flashing the binary? If there is no USB connection, you might need to try a different USB cable, but it is recommended to disconnect the D1 mini from the LEDs for reflashing.

If not, do the LEDs still light up? It might be that the ESP obtained a different IP address from the router after the software update reboot - you can try discovering in the WLED app.

It is highly unlikely that the OTA update permanently bricks the device. Usually if the flash was bad you can recover it over USB.

In any case, happy holidays :slight_smile:

Hi Aircookie.
Thanks for the quick response, and all the work you’ve done getting wled where it is!

In short - fixed (bad USB lead) I told you the world can come up with a better grade of idiot!

Previously while connected I would get the first LED one the connected string lit up. he integrated LED on the D1 mini would give a single, quick flash on power up then remain off. No connection to the WiFi or AP mode. Disconnected the board from the LED string and tried to reflash - wouldn’t detect a com port for the MCU. Only when I tried a second board and it failed partway though flashing I tested the USB lead and found an intermittent fault. New lead - no problems…

All the best for the new year.