Pin out on ESP32 (noob help!)


I’m a complete noob to all this and have been messing about, got a setup to successfully work on a ESP8266 board, but want sound reactive so bought a few ESP32 boards and sound modules,

Problem is the pin out IDs on the boards do not match anything on tutorials I’m following

I tried connecting power to ground and 5v pins on the board, and pin 16 to led strip with 5v and ground directly from supply, flashed ESP32 ok but nothing happened,

Could some kind soul point out what pins I will need for this, and also sound module?


WLED refers to GPIO pin#'s in LED Preferences.
Your board migtht use something else, take a look at: What pins can I use? for a good reference on how to translate the two.

The other thing to make sure of is that you set strip GPIO# under Config->LED Preferences->Hardware Setup->GPIO.

As far as connecting a sound module, there’s a SoundReactive usermod - and a fairly active presence on the forum that use it.

You should be able to search for more details.

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Thanks for that,
According to that GPIO2 should be 22, will have a look at that and the config settings later,
It’s all a learning curve, but good fun at the same time!

Keep at it, you’ll have it down in no time.

Like you said, there’s no fun like it :sunglasses:

That pic at the top of that link that you were looking at is the bare esp32 chip. Not the pins on that board that you have. The #'s on that board are = to the GPIO #'s

This pic may help

Check here for soundreactive input help. Analog Audio Input Options · atuline/WLED Wiki · GitHub. There are also digital mic options there. I don’t know what you have…

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Thanks Jinx that’s amazing! I have spent hours looking for something like that!

Following that I tried pin 2 and worked straight away!

Thanks again👍🏻