Playlist that is uninterruptable?

Does anyone know of an easy way to make a playlist uninterruptible?

i.e. when playlist 5 gets triggered by a button press, No other button can interrupt it until it has completed?

Not at this time and there are no plans for that so far.

Hi ! Is there any update on this ?
It would be great for a “local” GargeDoor lighting without HA or someting. When the “door is open/closed” switch is pushed, it interrups the running playlist, so she show stops right when the door is either fully open or closed, which is not that cool. To let the playlist run until the end would be so great…

Thanks, Alex…

I would suggest it would be easier to handle this type of thing in hardware.
You can setup simple gating so that button/switch inputs pass through an AND gate (or something similar) that disables other inputs until some completion event from WLED.

Makes much more sense than building a code engine to try and handle all the scenarios, especially for the local GarageDoor example.

The other option would be to create your own usermod to handle this.

not that I know of

Thanks for the suggestions !
I was so focused on the “not interrupting playlist” idea that i didn´t see the obvious:
2 Playlists, on for “moving” (6) , one for “ready” (8). I use 2 Reed-Switches, so the only thing to do is to config them like this:

Works perfect now !

See Ya… Alex…

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