Possible project: Game Intergrations?

Im not really a gamer, but got quite into Rocket League during lockdown. I’ve found there is a bit of software that does overlays for many games called Overwolf, one of its features is allowing recording of goals it does this by a trigger that comes from the game- doing some reading it also has events for lots of other aspects of the game. It seems all of this is exposed in the Overwolf API.

Im just starting to look into feasibility of creating an Overwolf App that could send commands to WLED triggered by New Matches, Goals, End or Match Win / Loose effects etc.

Im not a developer but have friends who are, who may also get involved.
Is there any interest here - or just comments on why this might be a good / bad / stupid thing to go after.

Oli :slight_smile:

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Hi Oli,

that is a cool idea!
It should be just a matter of sending API requests to WLED to display certain effects or colors :slight_smile: