Corsair CUE


I am new to WLED and really like it, great job!

Not sure if it is possible, but it would be really nice to have some king of integration between lighting on my PC, and the rest of my desk/room on WLED.

Maybe WLED could communicate with the Corsair CUE desktop client to obtain colour codes,lighting sequences etc?

Would others benefit from this also?

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What is Corsair cue? Wled has many interfaces like mqtt, web api, and a few other.

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iCUE is the RGB LED ecosystem and desktop client (software controller) from Corsair used in many computer components and accessories. More information on the link below, there is also a link to a YouTube video on that page which shows the client.

It would be amazing if the iCUE client could pickup and also control WLED.


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Here’s the SDK link you can use to create a usermod to add support.

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Great idea! I would like this as well!