Wled + razer chroma

Hi, recently I bought some razer devices and now I wonder if I can control my wled strips within the razer chroma app. I know that razer has on sale some hdk for led strips, but they are hilarious expensive in cooperation with an esp32+ some ws2812b led strip.

I’m interested in this as well. Have you come across any info?

Unfortunately no ,but I got a suggestion that I should search how can I emulate nanoleaf with wled(but until now still no luck)

I would also be interested …

You can use Artemis.

I have a Corsair Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Mat and Headset with a row of lights behind my desk that runs from the power of my PC on a ESP8266 with WLED running. I also have Synapse installed as I like the effects from the Chroma Workshop games.

So even though I don’t have Razer products, the effects still work.

Hope that helps, hit me up if you need more help however some useful links:

Artemis Website
Artemis Wiki
Artemis Discord