Power drop using 480 LEDs

i got a 5m LED outdoorstrip which has 480 WS2812 LEDs and i’m using a 5V 10A power adapter which is a little too weak for certain presets. I searched for an adapter with eg. 12 or 15 A but they seem to be very rare. I read about power injection but it wouldn’t work, as the LED is in one piece inside a tube and i think it wouldn’t work to hook a separate power adapter to the end of the LED strip.
Any ideas how to fix the power drop here?

Actually, hooking up another power supply on the other end would work. But you must (!!!) connect the ground wires of the two power supplies.

Or you could connect your current power supply to the other end as well.

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If you use two supplies, you need to keep the positives from connecting to each other.

so what’s correct now? (plz see Sjaak’s comment) … thanks :slight_smile:

He talked about the grounds/negatives. I addressed the positives. :wink:

yep when using 2 supplies you should connect their negatives - but connecting both to the same positive wire aswell - i guess that would be bad?

If the power supplies are the same voltage and current it is possible to connect the positives.

But a better solution is using your current power supply to inject at the start and end. Or get a bigger supply and inject at the start and end.

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You cannot parallel supplies.

You can, but it is an expensive option because you need to use power supplies designed to be run in parallel.

Take a look at the SOLA industrial power supplies that provide both SINGLE and PARALLEL modes via a little slide switch. Not inexpensive, but if you need redundancy (for safety - like medical or or biological protection), these types of supplies can work.

I have used them in the workplace. I would not consider them appropriate for 99.9% of home use cases.

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True. People that want to do it here would not want to pay for that.

i’m just curious: do u have a link? would like to take a look :slight_smile:


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