Power up delay

I have two outdoor 5m LED 30/m SK6812,s wired in series powered by a ESP8266 and a 20A power supply. When I have the LEDs connected to the power supply and I plug the power supply in, it seem to go into a over current mode and neither the board or the LEDs power up. If I leave the LEDs disconnected and power up the power supply, the board see power and then when I plug the LEDs in everything works fine. Any ideas? Is there a way to power up in off mod and then after a 5s delay turn on the default program?

It’s something wrong with your setup. Maybe power supply is not 20A cause your max is approximately 10A for 2 strips total 300 pixels.

It was working great before I went to bed last night. Not working this morning. The only thought is moisture at the joint between the 2 strips causes a higher draw? Doesn’t make complete sense as I would think it would be a short and not work at all.

Moisture in the bedroom will not cause that unless it’s really wet. Look at the connection points. Something else cause that.

I experience the exact same behavior. Does anyone know what could be wrong ?

I got the answer on reddit : D4 (GPIO2) must stay HIGH during boot otherwise the ESP8266 enters in firmware update mode. For some reason my LED strip is pulling the data line down hence blocking the controller.

I changed to pin to D2 (GPIO4) and now it works.

That is a poor choice. Rather add a strong pull-up resistor (4k7) to GPIO2.
Or use GPIO1 (or GPIO3 if you have low number of LEDs).

Care to explain for other people ?

Personally I won’t change, it is all wired an closed and works perfectly.


And basic googling will provide enough resources for pull-up resistor.

Thank you I know what is a pull-up :slight_smile:

For anyone who come across the same problem, this is the interesting part of the doc:

When using an ESP8266 board, it’s recommended to use pins GPIO1 , GPIO2 , or GPIO3 for LED Data; using other pins will require bit-bangging and may cause slow performance and/or issues elsewhere