Preset Ordering Tip

I’m new to WLED and love the capabilities, especially in 0.11. As of now, I’m learning and experimenting with WLED to discover what it can and can’t do. My lights are not up yet, but do have a test string in my den to work through the software. The Presets are a great idea, but have found that the ordering of the presets is alphabetical/numerical. This makes it crazy hard to keep things organized, for me at least. So when I want to run a preset cycle, the names I use start with a number, e.g, 1-Lightning, 2-4th of July, 3-Pop 4th, etc. - that makes it easy to see in the list of presets, what presets I’ll use in the preset cycle. The number represents the preset ID, so I can see the order in which the presets will play out.

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If you give the Presets a shortcut name, they will appear in the Favorites “tab”. You could name them according to the special occasion, ex: 25, 74, 31, 14, 3P. Or, ex: XM, ID, HW, VD, P4.