Real momentary button

Hello everybody !
I’m using wled with several esp32 and esp8266 for music light show, it’s really great ! I used the Wiz remote to control but I want to build a pedal board with footswitch.
I use classic momentary button directly connected between gpio and ground, in wled, I have selected pushbutton and it works !
But I want to know if it’s possible to create a Real momentary button, I explain : a preset is selected on wled with a A button and when I press a B button, a strobe preset is selected and when I leave my foot and the button B is up, it return to the last preset ( of thé A buttonwithout press another button

The a button A : „PL=PresetID"
And button B: „FX=EffectID’

Thanks TheLight3r but I don’t understand where to put that… I create a preset and I put this code on API Command FX=(23) for example ? Or I need to compile ?

You put it in your preset list, create a preset, Make it custom API: FX=25

Don’t forget to set the buttons beforehand on the LED Preferences page, Scroll down till you see macros (Buttons) and configure.

Then go to your Time Macro page and Enter the Preset ID that goes to the desired button.

Ok thanks !!! I just make the test and it works but it’s not what I’m searching… I explain : I would like to change the action type of the button. In my head, a momentary button is “on” just when it’s pressed and when you release it’s “off”. So a A preset is ON, I press my button and a B preset is ON only during pressing time and when I release, it return to the A preset.
Maybe it’s not possible… Or maybe it’s a high or low configuration difference… I don’t know.

Once you change a button type to “Pushbutton” you get different options.
If you look carefully at the settings under Config->Time&Macros, you’ll see that there’s a preset option for Off->On and On->Off.

If preset “A” is your switch off setting, put that in the 2nd entry and put preset “B” in the 1st (switch On) entry.
You could also put “A” in the power up preset so normal operation would be to start in “A”.