Segments Bug - Keeps resetting to 300 pixels

Hello! I’m using WLED for the first time and LOVING it.

I have a project that uses around 550 pixels and I’m controlling it from a Feather Huzzah ESP8266 and PropMaker Wing from Adafruit.

I have set the length to 550 pixels in setup. The first 330 pixels or so light up and work great, but any more won’t light. I know it’s data related and not wiring / power related – Pixels 0-330 work fine, and if I tell WLED to skip the first 20 pixels, then pixels 21-350 work fine. It’ll light up any 330 pixels, but it seems to be limited to 330 pixels.

Settings tells me I’m not out of memory: it says LED Memory Usage: 1650 / 4000 B.

Is this a limitation on the microcontroller? Or is there some other setting I can change to try to fix this? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I figured it out! I had a segment set up with just 330 pixels. Turning that off fixed the problem.

Actually … this is still a problem. There seems to be a bug with the Segment feature. Segment 0 seems to really want to show 300 pixels. I have tried changing the number of pixels in the segment, turning the segment off, and adding another segment, but no matter what I do it ends up resetting itself to one segment with 300 pixels after a few minutes.

I did a factory reset and reinstalled the software, and am still having the same issue. Any advice?

Solved my own problem once more. The presets were the problem. I created the presets when my strand had 300 pixels and they kept wanting to just play on 300 pixels. Getting rid of all my presets and starting over fixed the problem. :frowning: but :slight_smile:

If you save your presets, they’re just a json text file.
I use Notepad++ to view those and look for “oddities” like the wrong pixel count.
A bit tedious and ugly, but sometimes you have a really good preset you’d like to save…

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