Should I expect less than 30 FPS with 512 LEDs per PIN over 4 PINs?

This is not a hardware problem I’m having. This is something I can reproduce on multiple different ESP32. I’ve tried two Freenove ESP32-WROOM, one HiLetgo ESP32 ESP-32D ESP-WROOM-32, and one AITrip ESP32. All behave the same way. According to

  • For perfect performance, it is recommended to use 512 LEDs/pin with 4 outputs for a total of 2048 LEDs.

I should expect a reasonable FPS for most effects. When I view certain effects like “Crazy Bees” and “Colored Busts” I see around 10-12 FPS. That is reflected on the actual LED matrix I set up. My setup consts of 8 16x16 panels of BTF WS2812 with 2 panels wired in series over 4 PINs. Panels 0,1 / 2,3 / 4,5 / 6,7 are in series for four groups of two in the order below.

0 2 4 6
1 3 5 7

Here is a link to my configuration WLed config
Thank you for any help,

This is two examples setups with 512 on one pin , “Crazy Bees” ( around 49 fps ) and “Colored Busts” ( 35 fps ) , Also another setup with 4 16x16 ( 256 on each pin ) with total of 32x32 “Crazy Bees” ( 22 fps ) and “Colored Busts” ( 21 fps ) and yeah there is a big drop of fps , i personally do not think wled is meant to be used for large 2D setup so could be expected as you are running 2048 which could be a lot , if you did not test that already then might be try with a higher target fps in led preference page ( not sure if you would face stability issues )

Well that’s certainly disappointing. I tested with 512 on two pins and it was respectable and already built the array of 4x2 (16x16 panels). It’s doable for basic stuff and information display like I originally wanted. I just wanted to verify I wasn’t doing something dumb with my config.

I tend to over-engineer everything as seen here.

Any alternate suggestions on how to “drive” this thing with higher performance would be very helpful.


Not a cheap answer but I bet it would work :upside_down_face:


what if you go that way massive pixel RGB are build on Budget
you can configure them in more then one way