Only 3 frames per second on ESP32 and v0.13.3 (build 2298222)?

Hi all,

Brand new WLED user, first time setup, somewhat confused :slight_smile:

I used the online installer to successfully load WLED onto my NodeMCU clone.
While powering it via USB, no LEDs attached, I configured it for a full 5-meter SK6812 led strip: start at 0, length 300, GPIO 2.

For some reason ‘info’ indicates that it is running at only 3 frames per second. This is confirmed by the blue LED flashes, and connecting an oscilloscope to the output pin shows a short burst of data three times a second.

Under the Advanced configuration, target refresh rate is set to 42 FPS. As a test I tried setting it to 1 FPS but that had no effect.

Changing the number of LEDS in the string does not affect the frame rate either.

I haven’t seen any reports on the forum for an issue like this (did I miss one?).

I have not yet connected the LED strip to see if data is being transferred properly- I was kind of hoping to ensure that the system was basically working before connecting the expensive LEDs…

I consider myself a fairly experienced micro-controller user and programmer but I’m unfamiliar with this application. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong (misconfigured?), or what I could try in order to troubleshoot this issue?

did you set it on an effect other than solid?

Thanks for the reply! I just checked and it’s set to solid.

FWIW I’ll verify that my NodeMCU board is actually working properly with other code (maybe I’ll try a different board too), and will also look at the WLED github page to see if there’s any documented issues in this regard.

Aaaaand I just realized that I should really be asking this under “Issues”, not “Questions”…

I may delete this thread and repost it there later today.

Solid only updates LEDs every 350ms.

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Of course, this makes sense. I'm embarrassed that this didn't occur to me.

If the display is static, it doesn’t need to update quickly, as that pointlessly burns processing cycles…

Thank you both for pointing this out to me.

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