[solved] Include version in binary name

Hi, if i compile wled, the binary has the same name as the env secion in platformio_override. Is there a possibility to include the version info automatically without adjusting it after an update?

Yes, add -D WLED_RELEASE_NAME=xxxx in your build flags.

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I was looking to do the same a few days ago and found this: Custom firmware/program name — PlatformIO v6.1 documentation

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This worked well in 0.14 - but with the new 0.15 version this doesn’t seems to work anymore? I even do not get any subdirs like “firmware” or “release”. It is still empty and i do not get any error.

If i copy the output_bins.py from 0.14 to 0.15 it works. Is there anything i need to adjust in 0.15 ?


There is a bug introduced in one of the latest commits.

Right. Seems to work again with esp32. But not with 8266 (d1_mini).

BTW: Is there any way to use a specific (remote) folder for the output of the binaries only?