SPI - ethernet

Does wled supp SPI ethernet adapters yet?

no and will not

Maybe worth noting to user that the wt32-eth01 has an updated version wt32-eth01-evo.

It supports poe put they have also moved it to SPI interface.

It’s the Async* libraries that do not support it.

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The Evo is based on a C3 so single core, has even less IO available etc… so other than PoE it’s worse in every way

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Can anybody suggest a good poe board avaliable from aliexpress.

The esp32 poe is really what I need, however there expensive to get to New Zealand.

I’ve come across this, would it work?

Don’t know what’s available specifically for NZ.
One question that comes to mind, do you actually need full POE capability?

Given that the ESP-32 implementation of ethernet is limited to 10/100Mbps, you’re only using 2 of the four pairs in your ethernet cable. Seems like a simple power injector/splitter and buck converter will work well as a poor man’s POE for these boards?

Thanks for getting back to me.

I couldnt find a lan module/interface that I could hook up to an esp32.

If you have any info it would be greatly received!

yeah should be fine, note that you need both the board and the shield so it’s more expensive than

For the latter you need a serial adapter to load the code though.

Not sure why you’d need PoE, you need a power supply for the LEDs anyway. The PoE supply on these boards can only give a few hundred mA for the board itself, not a bunch of power-hungry LEDs.

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What’s wrong with one of these?

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Thanks for that.

Why poe… I use this for xlights. So I have 30 and 60 amp psu in enclosures. I’m use the relay feature of wled to turn the psu on or off.

Currently I have a smaller psu in each box for the eps but I want to try and slim line it.

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Have ended up using these. So thanks for the info