W5500 Ethernet support

Nice day everyone!
I have a question about WLED support with the W5500 Ethernet module.

Unfortunately, I did not see support for this model in the latest version.
I also read here that it could be a problem.

Has anyone managed to connect this ethernet to WLED?
Is it planned to add support for this extended and inexpensive module?

Hi! The W5500 is unfortunately still not supported and for me personally it is not on the roadmap.

For now I can definitely recommend the Olimex ESP32-POE board if you’d like to use ethernet.

At some point soon the QuinLED-ESP32-ABE will release and be a nice alternative: QuinLED-ESP32 – ALLNET China

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Thanks for the response @Aircoookie!
That’s a shame, because I stupidly bought 12 of these W5500 Ethernet module and esp32 for a project with WLED. :neutral_face: In addition, my friend and I designed and made a couple of PCBs with this module. :man_facepalming:
This is my stupidity, because I didn’t check if this ethernet is supported. :pensive:
But one learns through mistakes. :grinning:

Is it possible to connect standard ESP32 dev and this LAN8720 module?

Sorry about that :sweat_smile:

Yep, LAN8720 seems to be what all current ESP32 ethernet boards use, should work fine.

Thanks for the link. We will do next projects either with the LAN8720 module or with the cheap WT32-ETH01.

Maybe the second attempt will work. :sweat_smile: