Olimex-ESP32-POE-ISO and LAN

First, sorry for my bad english.

I have a Problem with WLED and Olimex-ESP32-POE-ISO.

Installing WLED and then connecting to the Device via WLAN works.
I can change LED Devices, GPIO Ports, no Problem.
Then i switched to Ethernet (only W32-POE works) and
can also connect to the Olimex.
But then, if i switched my LED to APA102 and change GPIO Ports to
0/1, 1/3 and so on, the Ethernet connection shuts down
and i can only connect via WLAN.
Reconnect via Ethernet dont work.
Any Idea why ?

Hi Snipes,

I just bought the exact same card but can’t figure how to get a connection through ethernet. Works perfectly with WiFi. Tried different ethernet firmwares but didn’t work. Can you please tell me what firmware did you use and how did you flash it to the board to make it work?


Sure. I´ve flashed 0.13.0-b7 (with Ethernet) via https://install.wled.me
Now i´m using ver.0.13.1 and SK6812RGBW LED Stripes.
Olimeg (GP03) > Levelshifter (SN74AHCT125) > LED Stripe.
Works perfekt with Ethernet.
But with APA102, it doesnt work.

Linking the github issue related to this problem : APA102 don´t work with LAN8720 (WT32-ETH01) · Issue #2542 · Aircoookie/WLED (github.com)

It seems that one would need to use the DMA SPI Driver instead of Standard SPI driver, but still haven’t found how to do that…

Anyone ?

Fix will be available after a bit of testing.

I’d be happy to do some testing :slight_smile:

Fix available in most recent commit.

Tested and working, thank you very much !

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