Is it possible to use the ESP32's ethernet connection?

Hello, is it possible to use the ethernet interface on ESP32, like for example on an ESP32-PoE-ISO by Olimex:

This would make it very useful in non-wifi-friendly environments!

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I would suspect it could be made to work. Currently the code looks for data in the Wi-Fi bus so to speak. It the code had an option to look for data on the proper channel it should work.

A board would be needed and tested with a simple version of the libraries used. Wish I could get my hands on one love the idea.

I was asking around on the Discord chat yesterday, Aircoookie said the following:

Found this: should be possible to integrate, we’d just need to check for ethernet connected rather than wifi connected. Might order one of these

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I’ve just filed an issue on GitHub since I’m also very eager to see Ethernet support in WLED:

I’ve seen this evening the ethernet support in Github!

Has Anyone tríes this improvement?