LAN8720 or W5500

@Aircoookie, or anybody who can point me in the right direction to get either of these LAN modules working with a esp32 D1 Mini or Node MCU I have been able to get the LAN8720 connected to an ESP32 Node MCU. Lights are on and appear to be communicating but I am not a programmer and I am not able to find where in the code the LAN related stuff is. I am also really not sure which of these two LAN boards is the best or will work for connecting by ethernet. I have been digging through as many sites as I could find. DrZzs, Quindor’s, plus others (discourse etc.) but not able to find anything that I can understand and move forward with. The only info I found was for the LAN8720 and modifying the code to point to the PHY and I really have found nothing on the W5500 board. Thanks in advance

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