ESP32 Wifi only works when powered thru micro USB

I’m using a HiLetgo Esp32 with WROOM and BTF SK6812 LEDs. WLED is flashed on ESP32, and the Wifi AP and lights work great when powered through the micro USB. As soon as I disconnect the micro USB and connect to my 5V power source, the red light on the ESP32 comes on, but the AP can no longer be reached and the lights don’t power up.
I’ve got power supply connected to ESP32 Vin 5V and to SK6812. I’ve got GND connected between ESP32 GND, power supply GND and SK6812 GND. And I’m using GPIO2 connected to data on the SK6812 (with arrows on LED in the right direction).

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks!

Could you try another GPIO?

I will definitely give that a try, but the fact everything is working perfectly when connected through USB, leads me to believe it is not a GPIO issue. Thanks for suggestion.

I had an issue a while ago where I was signalling 6 segments, and the board kept rebooting when I powered it through Vin. It didn’t do it through the USB. My issue, as it happened, was an inadequate power supply (flaky ground).

Some boards have been found to have bad diodes that cause this.

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Thank you! Does anyone have a recommendation for highest quality ESP32 dev kit? I’m happy to buy a new one, and would like to try something other than HiLetgo, based on my experience.

Nice, if pricey: QuinLED-ESP32 Specifications -