ESP32 loses connection

Hey there!

most of the time I’m able to figure stuff out my self but I’m on my wits end and I need your help.

How do I describe that without the text being a mess…

I run multiple ESP32’s with WLED without issues. Some are receiving power via their USB ports, some via an 5V MeanWell Powersupply. They all work just fine, zero issues (so far)

Now, I ordered 1 more ESP32 and flashed it via the webinstaller with the latest version of WLED. So I connect it with a USB cable to my PC, flash it, enter my WiFi creds and connect to the device. This works fine BUT

When I connect it to a Powerbank or a USB PSU/ Phone Charger I can connect to it via its IP only via its AP. I figured that, for some reason, the WiFi signal is pretty weak. I figured that out because I slightly moved away from the ESP32 as I was connected to the WLED AP and I already lost the signal. So I went and connected the ESP32 to the USB Phone charger and placed it directly next to the router and et voila, I could connect via its IP. Which, at least for me, confirms that there’s an signal strength issue for some reason. The strange thing is, that its working fine when connected to my PC!?

The question now is, what can I do?

I’m glad for any help or hint I could get

Maybe the board is faulty. I would send it back and get a replacement if possible.

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Are they all the same board?

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Yes, they are all the same boards. Bought from the same seller on Amazon

Then assuming it’s not one that requires an external antenna it seems defective indeed.

So basically… A generic ESP32 with Internal antenna?