Steps in color changes and effects

I’ve noticed steps in blending from color to color. One might even call it flicker.
Especially in whitish colors it is flickering. Frequency around 15Hz.
Right now I’ve seen on a 2D matrix with 5 x 8 pixels. Effect “distortion waves”, standard setting.
FPS set at 60Hz. Standard ESP32 Devkit C V4.
V0.15.0.b3, but saw this on all versions already.

Basically you can see the steps in which the colors change.

5x8 is not very mutch nodes so steps might be posible as of internal deviders
distortion waves What colors did you use Manuell settings or a Color bar from the settings

did you use a levelshifter or just short
Data Lines

Very short wires. Effect " Rainbow " is running perfectly smooth.
" Distortion Waves " as it is without changes from default.
Also tried "hyphotic ", same stepping, but less visible.