Syncing Multiple ESP32s for Synchronized Effects on 20x100 WS2811 LEDs

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I’ve a question regarding my holiday project, I want to use 20 ws2811 Led strings of 100 led per string (20x100 = 2000 Leds), planning to use 2 ESP32s modules to handle 10 + 10 stings (10 strings per ESP for best effects visualization). I want all 20 strings to work in sync, I don’t want to use AP or external router as it may fail something to synchronize when ESPs restart after power outage/cut.

is there any method/way to connect two ESP32 to communicate/Sync as server/client or master/slave using fixed wired (TX/RX or GPIO) connection between two WLED controllers so that all WLED effects/patterns is visible across 20x100 Leds as whole, please note both ESPs are at same place/board.

Let me know if you require any details here or not able to understand my point.

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