Time based button

Hi everyone,

at first thanks for the wled firmware, it works like a charm.
But now i have issue with proper setup of wled to work with two different color strips that i would like to control with single button.
Now i have tasmota with this setup: single button that can switch ON/OFF specific led strip on time range. Is is very helpful, because i have white strip that can be switched only between 5:00-19:00 and from 19:00-5:00 it can switch second strip with color PC-Amber.
Then i have set rule to watch whether the white strip is ON when 19:00 occurs and if yes, then it toggle white to OFF and PC-Amber to ON.

I know that i can use two buttons, but i like solution only with one button (it helps prevent switching white strip in the evening - i have CRI98 white strip which can affect circadian rythm).

I dont like tasmota because when i would like to dimm the strip i can see choppy dimming. I am not able to fix that.


Look at the button configuration settings short, long, double

This is not the solution that i am looking for. My wife is technical anti-talent and she is not able to use double and hold press. So because of that i am asking if it is possible with short button action?

Apparently not with single button

Nope, can’t be done in current code. But you can change code if you are “technically talented”. :wink: