Wled push button action

Hello all,

Brand new to Wled. Trying to get a specific set of actions with a push button but have no idea how to go about it.

I’d like to be able to on short button press, cycle between a specific set of colors and on double press move to a breathing effect. I understand how to get double press to activate a preset (which allows for the 3 selected colors to be used with breathe). What I don’t know if my short press is possible. Idea is that say one short press enables solid with a single color, another short press, say 2 seconds later (to distinguish it’s not a double press) enables solid with a different color. Is that currently possible?


You can’t have the same button press do multiple things, unless you are cycling through a parameter. Look at the APIs for commands, put them into some presets, then call them from the button in Time & Macros.