Trying to set up button to cycle through two different playlist

I have a single push button hooked up to an esp32, and two playlists in WLED with 10 presets in the first and 4 presets in the 2nd. I’d like a double press of the button to switch between the playlists, and a single press to move to the next pattern within each playlist.

Power on = Playlist 1
double press = Playlist 2
single press = Next pattern in playlist 2
double press = back to playlist 1

so on and so forth…

according to JSON API - WLED Project i could potentially set up a double press to cycle between presets 1 & 2 (where 1 and 2 are playlist 1 and playlist 2) with this command: {“ps”:“1~2~”}, but it is not clear how to make a single button press move to the next preset within the playlist

playlist advancing by button press is not supported