"Transparent Color" and “Negative Color” for Layering purposes


  1. Would you think it’s doable to add a "transparent color” to the color wheel? One with no color information at all, like the squared layer in Photoshop.

Maybe by replacing the “col” RGB value by no value (although not black) in either the primary, secondary or tertiary color.

  1. Also do you think it would be possible to add a “negative color”. A bit like the negative layer in Resolume, which would cancel or substract its values to the values underneath it when layered.

This would allow to use some effects in a shadow form instead of a light form. Something like a negative strobe or negative meteor to set intentional darker movements in a layered pattern.

Maybe by choosing to give priority to lower values instead of higher values when segments are layered.

I can imagine it’s easier said than done and I have no ideas if this would be a nightmare to code or even possible.

In any case thank you for reading!

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