Two WS2812B strings with the same pixel address

I’ve bought two of WS2812B strings (Christmas set 100 leds / 10m) from BTF-Lightning, these ones:

First I connected sigle string (100 leds) do wemos D1 Mini, 5V/4A power supply directly to string. WLED works very good. Then I connected second string to the end of first one, to make daisy chain (christmas tree chain). Power injected in middle. So I got 200 pixels chain. I setup “length=200”, lit up first pixel in UI and…first and 101th was lit up! When Iit up first three in UI then first three and 101-103 pixels were lit up.
When I setup “length=100” it was the same. So it looks like my WS2812B pixels have some sort of “hardcoded address/index”, from 0 to 99. It looks like second string just mirrors first one!

Have you ever seen that? Is it any workaround to get nice daisy chain of 200 leds?

That effect on cheaper strings has been noted a number of times.
The solution with WLED is to drive the strings on different output pins.

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Thanks a lot. Let it be a warning about Christmas strings from Btf-lighting.

Very strange , the guys were recommending BTF-lighing and I got multiple strips and matrices and they all worked very well and all the problems were related to setting and wiring .

If this is an issue with this specific type then why not ask for refund . I did request return for a damaged leds and BTF give me a refund and they let me keep the leds . try it if you got it from amazon it should be easy